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LLF Stumbling Steps Group Update

If you've read my blog you know I think we should engage with Living in Love and Faith - LLF. Well, if we are fit and healthy and in a place where it feels OK to do so. I like the book, I commend it to everyone, and I think it's the best resource the Church of England has yet produced in its long history of thinking about LGBTQ+ people. However... This is not going to be easy!  The official LLF Next Steps Group, all bishops, has just put a note about its first meeting of 2021 online , and there are - how shall I say this - questions. Let's tackle just three. Question 1. Each diocese is being asked to provide LLF Advocates to take the process forward. The role description for the LLF advocate is long (and actually not in the update) but worth a look: here is the text of the copy I have seen, which I presume is what has been sent out generally (it came all fully LLF-ed up, with logo and everything). The highlights are mine, and I'll come back to them. Aim The LLF Advocat