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Last autumn, Jayne Ozanne and I had meal together and shared hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Jayne shared her desire to see a place where we could worship within the evangelical tradition of Anglicanism that has always been home, a place that would exist to bless LGBTQ+ Christians and welcome those members of our rainbow family who might like to find faith but find church just too daunting for words. I couldn't have agreed with her more; I love finding places that embrace inclusivity - but so often wish that I found more of it in my own wing of the church. A place where home feels like home. We both agreed that we loved visiting Nick Bundock and his team at Didsbury. And yet we longed to see something in our own part of the country. And so the first seeds of 'Sacred' were born. By the New Year, Jayne had put a proposal to the Cathedral Chapter in Oxford, and I had also spoken to one or two folk there, and the Chapter met and decided that a safe, inclusive, ev