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flagging up issues of pride

Some of our more traditionalist friends have been struggling to come to terms with Ely Cathedral's decision to fly a rainbow flag during the Ely Pride weekend. It's the kind of thing that (with an inevitable predictability) brings a reaction. On  Fulcrum  and on  Psephizo , Andrew Goddard & Ian Paul both respond by questioning the wisdom of churches using flags and espousing any causes other than the Cross and the Gospel. It's not that it's the Rainbow Flag - all flags create 'us' and 'them' - churches shouldn't do this! Well, that's an interesting point; I (slightly cheekily) wonder if Andrew and Ian will be wearing those divisive and non-Gospel poppies to church on November 11th? And I am tempted to do a full analysis of their harrumphing, but really I think that at this point we all expect each others' posturing and it's not necessary. Otherwise we all get stuck in this cycle... However, it is fair to call out fakery