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trouble is godly

I don't know how many times I have wept over these last days. The TV news, Twitter, the online press, they are full of images of people treating people as less than. As subhuman, inhuman, ground to be walked upon, target practice, shouting rage, shooting range, things not treasure. Amber Ruffin's everyday horror stories are jaw dropping for their  casual emotional devastation. Jaw dropping if you are white; nothing new if you're not. Cory Booker's gracious raw emotion as he tells of how he was advised to live as a teenager and his sadness that nothing has changed is heartbreaking. Protesters hit the streets worldwide where COVID19 is still out and looking for lives to take, but they go anyway - because finally - finally? - in a Lockdown world, something breaks down the doors that have kept us all inside. Something beats the fear. Something that happened to someone. George Floyd. And in the wake of nine minutes in Minneapolis, too many of us have discovered we