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Apologies for the radio silence... I've been busy elsewhere! Today the Church Times has published a two-page spread with a terrifically written-up account of a conversation I had with Stanley Underhill. Click the link to read it. Stanley is in his 90s, and is a retired Angican priest and also gay. Last year he published his autobiography, Coming out of the Black Country . It's a very moving account of a life lived mostly in secret, with terrible loneliness and shocking medical 'treatments' along the way to 'cure' him of being gay. Now a resident at Charterhouse, he is a delight and it has been a real treat to meet him and to share our stories. We talked about my story too, and about my book and the hopes we both have to make a difference so that those LGBT+ Christian people who follow us may know more and more of God's love in their lives and in their Church experience. Thanks to Madeleine Davies at the Church Times for asking us to do these conv