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a little help

My bishop held a drinks party last week. Over 70 of us, mostly clergy and spouses, attended. It was good to see people. Smiling faces. A few of us performed party pieces. I sang a song. I sang - 'We'll Meet Again'. Of course I did. The whole event was conducted on Zoom. I'm the kind of person who, in normal circumstances, loves to come home at night and close my door on the world. I'm home now. I have my space. My silence. My safety. I live alone, with my dog, and I am used to being by myself. It holds great comfort. Except... Normal has changed. I no longer come home at night after a day of people making all sorts of demands on me. Silence and being by myself isn't a refuge anymore, it's everything. And I discover - I was not made for this. It is not good for man to be alone, notes God at the beginning of Genesis. No kidding. And from the solitude of our enforced space behind our front door barricades, it seems quite a few of us are spoiling f