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Those of you who have heard me speak about LGBT+ issues know that the fundamental question I ask people to consider time and time again is this: If God has made us all in his image, are we all created equally human? I raise the issue because it needs raising. And almost every time I raise it, I see two basic responses. People who spend their life in the social majority often fail to understand the question and think I am posing a rhetorical issue which can quickly be passed over. Their response comes at me in variations on a theme of: Of course everyone is equally human - I don’t understand why you are even asking this - please can we talk about things that have real value? By contrast, people who find that they live in a minority situation tend to thank me for asking the question and want to spend more time exploring it… Because it isn’t rhetorical. The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) - a document the Church doesn’t find very easy read